Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vanity Made Me Do It

I use Google Alerts to monitor a number of things on the web. Among them are; where my name pops up, mentions of Flamingo Surprise, and goings on in the lawn greeting industry. This morning the alerts brought me to a blog by another flocker, I Got Flocked. Having a nosy moment, I clicked the link to her posting and then navigated over to her blog. Once there I couldn't resist the urge to comment on one of her posts. Then it occured to me that this might prompt a visit to my blog. Narcissism kicked in. I didn't want to be caught with my last post being in June. So here I am.

The flocking business has been spotty. Good weeks and bad. (%$&#* economy!) For the first time in years the clipboard was empty (I keep all active orders on a clipboard). Fortunately it only stayed that way for a few days but still . . . I don't like seeing that grimy gray surface staring at me from the desk. Fuel prices also prompted a price increase. I was concerned that I would lose sales from that but it hasn't happened. The number of customers who don't buy due to price has actually decreased. Interesting. In pricing discussion with artists and crafts people (I haven't talked about my craft work here yet have I?) the philosophy is; if it isn't selling, raise the price. It's a perceived value thing. Apparently that works in the yard card business as well.

Sign making on the other hand, has been going great guns.

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