Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bad Blogger

How many times have I heard that if you're going to start a blog you have to keep it going? That's one of the small business mantras. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Obviously I have some latent passive aggressive personality trait that kicks in on this.

Once in awhile I get the urge to come here and get caught up but I manage to find some lame excuse not to. Then something happens that deserves noting.

Yesterday we had a display, 50 flamingos and 30 hearts, for a woman's 85th birthday. When we pulled up to the address the yard was well screened from the street so we set it up facing the house. It was a big yard and with all those hearts and a full compliment of flamingos we filled it up pretty well.

Beautiful warm late Spring evenings make it hard to sleep. Couple that with no other work so we decided to make the pick up early (only a lawn greeting person would consider 11:00 pm early). The birthday girl left us a note taped to the marquee. Not wearing my reading glasses, I did the best I could to decipher it in the interior dim lights of the van. It seemed she had been waiting for us in hopes of witnessing the take down and let us know how delighted she was with her surprise. I never tire of hearing this - tell me again.

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