Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flamingos and the Water Shortage

The water shortage is starting to show its effects in our nightly activities. We have encountered some seriously hard yards. Even when there's grass growing, it must be that stuff advertised on TV that will grow on a concrete block. The situation is only going to get worse. Mandatory water conservation hasn't started yet but it is only a matter of time. By the end of summer the layout of any given display will be dictated more by where the weeds are growing than by any aesthetic sense. Why weeds? Because we can usually get a rod into the ground by sticking in the middle of a weed. Even where a jack hammer can't penetrate, a weed will manage to grow.

After 4 concrete block yards in a row, we hit a nice easy lawn. Good thing too since this was a big installation: 50 flamingos and 50 buzzards. What a menagerie! Joseph had been flamingo flocked for his 49th birthday, so for his 50th the perpetrators decided reinforcements were called for. By the time he hits 60 we could be trying to fit every critter we have into his yard.

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