Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Every Night Geraldine

A couple of months ago DBFA and I decided we'd been without a dog for long enough. The cat wasn't in agreement but he was outvoted. DBFA has been hinting about for a mastiff for ages but I wasn't too crazy about sharing our small living quarters with a creature who could coat the walls and ceiling in dog drool with one shake of its head. I hit the internet and found the perfect dog at the Berkeley Animal Shelter . Mastiff - check. Small mastiff (Cane Corso) - check. Non-drooling mastiff - double check! The next day Geraldine moved in (and the cat moved to the warehouse, big sissy!). This morning she demonstrated that she is finally totally at home. We were out on a longer than usual delivery run and when we got home she completely ignored us both. No greeting from the top of the stairs, she didn't even get off the bed to acknowledge our return. We'd been gone too long as far as she was concerned so she treated us to a serious sulk. There's no room for her to ride along while we work, and she's way too big to sit in my lap. I may have to start leaving DBFA home - he doesn't sulk anywhere near as well as Geraldine does.

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