Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flamingess in the Media

I was on TV last night!!!

Yesterday the Department of Labor Statistics released a report revealing that women have finally achieved equality with men in one aspect of the work world - "For the first time in decades, the percentage of women with jobs has fallen as the economy falters. A new congressional study found that women are equal victims in the poor economy." Not exactly the job equallity we've been working for, is it?

So why did this get me on TV? Channel 2 (KTVU) news was looking around for business women to interview and found the East Bay Women's Network (EBWN) website. The researcher called the President first but she didn't answer the phone. Second person on the list, the Vice President (me). I answered the phone. A quick phone chat and then it was, "Can we interview you ?" "If I can find a camera, we'll be there in half an hour." Keep in mind, I had been up for all of 10 minutes (I work nights, remember?) . I'm slumped in a chair at the table with my first cup of coffee in hand, teeth unbrushed, bed hair and a day or two past my best bathed by date. 20 minutes later I am opening the warehouse, dressed, showered, gargled and shampooed. Another miracle.

Watch the segment here.
OAKLAND: Rita Williams Reports On Women Dealing With Wage Decline In Poor Economy

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Kelly said...

Hey Flamingess... I saw your comments and enjoyed all your helpful hints.

things here in this "bay area" - - Tampa Bay, FL.. are slow. It seems like its hit or miss.. several all in one week.. then 10 days without a single flock.

Keep up the good work! Keep on Flock'n! Kelly