Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Is It Cheating to Back Date?

After a slow start to the year, DBFA and I had several days of busy flocking. I managed to remember the camera for most of the trips but didn't mamange to get them posted here. SO I'm going the cheat and dump everything righthere in the post that I am actually writing on a date several days later than shows here. It's very handy to have a time machine. Now if I can just get it to work on other aspects of my life.

Anyway - back to playing catch up:
Wednesday, January 10
A very cool promotion.

Apparently this birthday boy had a "thing" for dinosuars when he was a bit younger. Something a sister won't let him forget.

The next night's adventures included a flock to let a sick co-worker know that she is missed.

This space was so tiny we were only able to put out a dozen penguins. Even with the flock scaled down to such a tiny number the birthday girl probably still had trouble getting out of her front door. After all, if we we can't be extravagant, we can at lease be inconvenient.

The flamingos stayed very busy for a few more days.

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