Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cross-country Flocking

The phone rang about noon on New Year's day. The caller left a message requesting a flocking for his granddaughter for today. Since I was whining last week about lack of business, I couldn't very well ignore the call, holiday or not. This is the result of that call. Papa Ted lives in Florida and wanted to make sure Avery knows he's thinking about her. Avery's dad was waiting for us and came out and snapped a picture of the Flamingess and DBFA in the act. Then he went into the house to call Papa Ted and let him know we had arrived. It was 4:30am in Florida, guess Ted wakes up early - or at least he did this morning.

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shell said...

ohmigod. i just stumbled onto your site and i LOVE your flamingo surprise business!!! i'm trying to think of how i soon i can use you!