Monday, January 22, 2007

Sand, Surf and Stars

The Flamingess spent the weekend at the beach. One of my networking groups had a weekend business planning conference and "vision quest". It was held at a wonderful facility in Pacific Grove, Asilomar. Perfect weather, perfect company and just the right mix of work, play and libations. Most of our group was housed in this building. Since we didn't get a visit from security, I am going on the assumption that we didn't disturb too many of the other guests with our tiptoeing back and forth between rooms to get more wine and contribute snacks to our "dorm" parties.

The conference agenda included a daily trip to the beach (a short, pleasant walk)to play in the sand and dodge the surf. It is my opinion that this should be a mandatory exercise for all business meetings. Think how much more creative everyone would be with sand between their toes.

However, we couldn't stay forever annd normal life had to resume. Luckily, I was able to bring some of the stars from the clear night sky at the beach back to celebrate a birthday in the city.

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