Tuesday, September 05, 2006


A couple weeks ago the Awning Queen had a job for me. Since her shop is in Santa Cruz, and I'm in Oakland she takes pity on me when she can and we meet somewhere in the middle to hand off the material. So a week ago Friday we got together for lunch in Santa Clara. It was a glorious day and we came this close to blowing off our respective responsibilities and playing hooky for the afternoon. But I had an attack of good behavior so we just spent about 2-1/2 hours sitting on the patio at Chevy's. It doesn't count as playing hooky if you don't change locations (new rule, just made it up).

I did the lettering over the weekend so I could deliver it to her on Monday. It was a perfect excuse to stop at HJM's and lure her into driving her new Saturn Sky Roadster over the hill to show it off. If the awning had been any bigger, it wouldn't have worked. The car is great but stowage is at a premium, especially since I insisted we make the trip with the top down (that uses up most of the trunk space). It was a perfect day for cruising through the mountains in a convertable. (Reminder to self - next time wear sunscreen.)

HJM took the Awning Queen for a ride around Santa Cruz. When they returned she had a glowing report on the car, but announced that HJM drives like a little old lady. True, true. The advantage to that was I didn't have to ride the passenger brake on the winding roads. I'm sure she'll get braver once she's put more miles on it (and after the first ding).

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Pearl said...

Now that's a pleasure ride!