Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I've Been Neglecting You

It's been busy. I know, that's really a poor excuse, but it's the only one I have. My mother, if she were still around, would tell you all that I have a very short attention span and you should expect me to lose interest in blogging and just abandon you all. There is a kernel of truth in that. I do take up interests, play for awhile and then move on. So, who doesn't? But that's not the case here (or least not yet).

First, we had company. DBFA's youngest daughter her husband and their 2 well grown children arrived for a visit. I actually wrote an entry about this but hit the wrong button and it disappeared into the ether. Didn't half piss me off, since it was humorous and and brilliantly written. They were here for 4 nights and we had a great time. TVB (the son) celebrated his 18th birthday while he was here. The family made him wait all day to open his gifts. Torture! At least they spent the day in San Francisco riding the cable cars and exploring the Embarcadero to keep him occupied.

DBFA got very creative in developing sleeping space for 4 extra people in our space. A lot of rearranging of stored furniture and "stuff" in the warehouse and he cleared an area big enough to set up a bed. We put down a piece of carpet I use in a trade show booth. Assembled the queen sized bed frame, dropped on the fold up futon and an air mattress. Hung a lamp on a post. Put a couple of towels in the warehouse bathroom (and a bucket under the leaky trap). TaDA!! Instant guest room. (We have all kinds of furniture stashed in the warehouse, left over from when we lived in a real house.) The kids camped down there. The adults took our room and we slept in the living room, me on the couch and DBFA in his recliner. Since we were working every night, this worked out very well.

The first night everyone was pretty tired, the VB's because it's a long drive from Portland OR to Oakland CA. and us because we'd been moving furniture, DBFA had been cooking his amazing chicken cacciatore and I'd been cleaning (not something I do very often). Everyone crashed right after dinner. We had a nap and then headed out to deliver the critters.

Second night dinner was late (Papa Murphy's pizza). The VB's were trapped in SF. They discovered it was a 2-hour wait to catch a cable car back to the BART. They discovered this at 6pm. They staggered in around 9pm. And we still have TVB's birthday to celebrate. By the time everyone was ready for bed, it was almost time for us to go to work. Luckily it was close to home.

Tuesday we all just sort of hung around.

The last day of the visit they ventured back into SF, but this time in their own car. They were back before dark and we sat down to a nice early dinner. The plan was to have an early night because we had a distant job and they were leaving in the morning. You can guess what happened. We all sat around the table and yakked for hours. DBFA and I sipped wine, and more wine, and then a little more wine. It got late and then later and then later still. But, what the hell, we have until dawn to deliver the cows. And that's exactly when we did it. I woke him at 4am, we staggered down to load up the flamingomobile and headed south. We do our work during the middle of the night in order to avoid commute traffic. We didn't make it on this morning.

I spent the next two days recovering. Must have been the house cleaning. I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to it.

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