Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pulling an All-Nighter

HJM and her wonder-dog Z came over for a visit yesterday. DBFA lured her north with promises of pasta loaf, one of his special recipes. Good conversation, good eats ad good wine, followed by watching Margaret Cho on DVD. DBFA fell asleep in the middle which was a good thing since we were facing about 5 hours of driving and flocking - 3 orders spread about as far from each other as possible and still stay in the Bay area. HJM and I stayed up and watched the end of Arsenic and Old Lace and then the Ladykillers (the original, not the horrible Tom Hanks remake). I finally got in a little nap during The Dog Whisperer.

I woke up at 1:00am and roused DBFA. We hit the road to Antioch with a load of teddy bears for a baby shower. The sender wanted something blue, (it's a boy) but we finally settled on something bear. We'll pick these up tonight.

Next stop was back at the warehouse to reload the flamingomobile. This time with flamingos and cows. Back on the road, now to San Jose, south south San Jose. Nice bright motion sensor lights to assist us with the "cowing" of this yard. Before I took the picture I dug out a baby wipe (the universal cleaning product) to clean the blood off one of the heifers. DBFA cut himself climbing the fence with cows the last time they were out and bled all over the herd. It's a dangerous job. When we picked up (on Sunday morning) we had a chance to chat with the birthday boy and his wife. I mentioned the message we put on the last cow sign (Party Til The Cows Go Home!) and the wife expressed her relief that they hadn't used that message because some of their guests would have taken it literally. She had to throw some of them out at 2:00 am as it was. Another good party!

Last stop in San Mateo to celebrate a Sweet 16. I figured we're lucky this was a Saturday and for a teen. If it had been a work day and for a typical Bay Area corporate worker, we would have been in danger of encountering the resident. We finished up on the lawn after 5:00am. We were able to pick up our newspaper wgen we rolled through the gates at home - 4-3/4 hours, we beat my estimate by 15 minutes.

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