Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's My Birthday, So Flock You

I don't have a yard, at least not one that anyone could drive a flamingo rod into. So for my birthday, I flocked someone else. Not that it was my idea. But I apparently share a birthday with Jim in Berkeley. He is a few years older than I am. Then my friend HJM took me and DBFA to dinner at The Fish Market in San Mateo where I stuffed myself on fried calimari, Garlic Prawns, sour dough bread (for soaking up the pool of garlic sauce), and creme brule. I may never eat again! It was wonderful.

Home to a nap and to digest some of this volume of food and we were out again to move the flock from Berkeley to Alameda. I was very grateful that both were easy yards because I was too distended to tackle anything challenging.

It has been a very well fed birthday. Last Sunday, while we were in Santa Cruz doing an awning sign installation at the Awning Queen's shop, the Awning Queen and her sweetie took us to lunch at Olitas, a very nice Mexican restaurant on the Santa Cruz Pier. Hmmmm - surf and turf enchiladas, rice (no beans - ahhhhh!! please! no beans!) and a pair of Negra Modelos (my favorite Mexican beer). Do my friends know me well or what? If they aren't going tp throw me a party where they feed me, they take me out and feed me. Do you sense a theme here?

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