Friday, September 08, 2006

Creative Writing

We have a list of suggested phrases to use with the various critters. The most frequently used critters (the flamingos) have the longest list because the Flamingess has been forced to think about them the most. But the best ones come from the customers and I get to steal those to add to my list, This run of orders all had very creative messages, but with the exception of the cows (I came up with that one) they are very "inside" and so I won't be suggesting in the future.

We weren't going to be able to get into the yard through these gates. To circumvent this obstacle we were directed to climb over a bent-over wire fence at the side of the yard to install the cows. Sure glad there was a full moon. I couldn't get a good picture but the sign says "Happy Birthday - Party Til The Cows Go Home!" When we returned to pick up, it seemed like they may have come close to doing just that. We still had to climb the fence to get the cows out though and DBFA managed to damage himself and bleed all over the herd. It's a hazardous business.

This flock of flamingos were invited to help celebrate a wedding. The bride ordered them as a surprise for the groom and to brighten up the front garden for the weekend house party wedding guests. She also paid the adoption fee so she could take one to the church. It my have taken them 15 years to get around to it, but they did it up in style.

The last flock was invited to bring their smiling friends and to stay for 3 days. Someone wanted everyone to know Colin hit the big 4-oh. 3-days! Must have been a really good party.

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