Thursday, August 10, 2006

Quick Change

We loaded up the flamingomobile with roosters and cows and started out on the set up and pick up marathon. It became obvious that the vehicle maladies were still uncured as we made out way to Danville to drop off the roosters. As we headed down the highway toward the next destination, the van's hiccups got bad enough we decided to head back to the nest and transfer the herd to the Cruiser.

So, cows loaded up in the other vehicle, we started off again. This order was headed for Saratoga. In the transfer, the camera was left behind. When we got back this morning to pick up, the sign had been moved so it didn't make it into the picture. Too bad, because the message was very cute "We Herd the Moos. Steve is 65. No Bull!" I considered moving it back into the picture, but the sprinklers were running. Even though it was a nice warm night, there is still a limit to how wet I'm willing to get - fussy, I know.

After delivering the cows, we still had to pick up the flocks in Capitola and Menlo Park. Leaving Capitola DBFA needed a nap, so the Flamingess drove back over the mountain. We switched back at Menlo Park. Between the unplanned trip back to the warehouse to switch vehicles and the extended territory, we got home at 6:30 am, finishing the drive during the beginning of the morning commute. Sure don't miss spending my weekday mornings in that mess.

Yesterday the flamingomobile went back to the car doctor and was finally cured. We road tested it on an easy run to Berkeley to deliver this flock celebrating a birthday and a new home. Rachel had moved in that very day. Hope she waters the lawn occasionally, because the previous tenant didn't. Even the weeds were tough. A big circle to Danville and Saratoga for pick ups and it was home at the delightful hour of 3:30. Practically the middle of the afternoon. A delight marred only by me having a meeting at 8:00am. Good thing the group doesn't really care if I've showered, as long as I'm not too stinky.

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