Friday, August 11, 2006

Can't Win 'em All

This morning's rounds were awkward. DBFA and I didn't talk through our pick up and delivery order, a ritual we usually adhere to. It looked like an easy one, but those are the ones that jump up and get you. Loaded up the bats and smiley faces, threw in a few spare flamingos, just in case, punched up the pick up address on Stella and we were off. My first indication that this was not going to be smooth ride came when we pulled up at the flamingo flock. Apparently DBFA assumed we would deliver the bat/smile combo first. He was tired and a little cranky so his observation that this was not what he expected was delivered in a way guaranteed to ruffle my feathers. Hmmph!! Now we're both a little cranky.

Birds on board, I put in the next flamingo address and discovered that we should have gone for the bats first. So I admitted that he was right. That didn't seem to thaw the atmosphere much. I spent the drive up up up into Oakland doing breathing exercises and releasing irritation. The destination for the flock turns out to be uninviting. No really good place to set up and the spot I picked wasn't in accordance with DBFA's opinion. We went with mine which didn't lighten the atmosphere any.

I spent the drive back toward Lake Merritt doing breathing exercises and releasing irritation. We were almost there when the reason for the aggravated vibrations was revealed when DBFA commented "I wonder how many of the bats we broke?". The way they're rigged is a little fragile and he was concerned that having to load the flamingos on top did some damage. That hadn't occurred to me, and it should have. He was right again (damn!). All bats were in fine shape so the drive home was more sociable.

The first phone call after we opened this morning came from the flockee way up up up into Oakland. I was informed that the birds were ready to be picked up and I would find them piled up by the garage. No reason given. He just said it was a surprise. Guess they are among the people don't like surprises. Fortunately, we don't run into many of those.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

They were assorted people; good pictures.

Michele sent me here.

Pearl's nummies said...

Some night are like that. Sounds like a partner in flamingoes surprising the other with breakfast in bed would be positive change of pace.