Saturday, August 12, 2006

Easing Into The Weekend

We were warned that this house was going to be full of guests here for the anniversary party (50 years! Wow!) and sneaking into the yard would be difficult. The sender was also concerned that we would have trouble finding somewhere to plant the birds and asked if we checked out the yard beforehand. Of course we don't. Two round trips is enough. We take our chances and it almost always works out (I did say almost always). And this one worked out just fine. The hardest part was fitting everyone's name on the sign. Don and Joyce and their house full of out-of-towners get to enjoy the flock for two days.

The bats only stay out one day. Picking them up is the only reason we have to go out Saturday night. Almost a night off. For this one we can be out and back home again in less than 90 minutes.

Slick (the cat) has decided that he should be in my lap so the laptop will have to go. Cat hair isn't good for the keyboard so I'll post this and turn my attention to annoying him.


kenju said...

Love the bats!

My cats used to try to get into my lap when I was on the computer, but I put them off me so often that they no longer try. They lie down on the floor beside me, though...LOL

Pearl said...

Cats make the decisions in your house too? :)