Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bill-bo Baggin'

Why do I do it? I know it's going to be grueling, not just once, but two nights in a row. "Do what?" you might ask. Then again, you might not care, but I'm going to tell you anyway because I have lots of pictures to post and if I don't put in enough text, it screws up my sidebar. The what is take out of territory orders. The why is obvious - for the money of course. This whole pay-the-bills thing.

I was so surprised when we came back to get this display and everything was still there. The neighborhood and yard showed all the signs of potential theft or vandalism. Broken beer glasses, discarded cigarette packs, young people dressed in black leather wandering the streets at 2:00 in the morning. But history has shown the most suspect looking neighborhhods turn out to be the safest. It's the high priced territory where we lose the most. Go figure! ANyway - I think the sweetheart dinos are very cute. Hope "Baby" thought so too.

The dinos were close to home, but this flock landed in Capitola - 60+ miles south. And it's a tough 60 miles, about 15 miles of it winding over the Santa Cruz mountains. If you look closely, you'lll note a deer looking out over the flock. There's another one hidden behind the sign. I wonder if these faux deer help keep the real thing from eating the roses?

And we made one more stop on the way home. This time in Menlo Park, to flock another birthday yard. The full moon was so bright that DBFA thought it was getting to be dawn even though it was only 4:30am (did I just say "only"?!).

The long nights really aren;t that bad, except when they are followed by some compelling need to be up and in public at 7:00 or 8:00 am. Lack of sleep makes DBFA a grumpy flocker, and the Flamingess doesn't look her best with bags under her eyes. But in the trade off between bags and bills, I'll take the bags.

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