Monday, July 17, 2006

Pick 'em Up and Put 'em Down

Midnight to 6:00am, and just a hair under 300 miles. That was our night. Even with all the travelling and making 5 stops, we left with the nest with only 10 frogs in the van, and returned with a handful of hearts, 58 flamingos and one sign. Basically, we spent the night moving stuff around. It's good when things work out like that.

Picking up the welcome home display from yesterday gave us the rest of the stuff we needed to install this 'Thank You'. A wedding celebration (I can't remember if it was a shower, reception, or just a super party) had taken place here on Sunday, and the bride wanted to make sure everyone knew how pleased she was. I think this did the trick.

Then on to Livermore to pick up the cows. When we arrived it was apparent that the neighborhood teens had been amusing themselves. They tried to create a bovine orgy. It looked more like there had been a battle instead and the victorious were standing over the vanquished. At least everything was till there.

We resurrected the fallen cows, loaded everything up and headed to Capitola. As we neared the bottom of the hill at Santa Cruz, it went from clear and warm to foggy. Considering that the temperatures at the first part of our journey were in the 80's, the sudden plunge into the damp was a bit of a shock. You can see the moisture in the photo.

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