Sunday, July 16, 2006

Mooving Around

Our first stop was in Vallejo to set up this welcome home. The traveler has been in Africa for several weeks and the happy spouse wanted something special for the homecoming. Flamingos are as African as any of my animals get, it's difficult to find a good plastic rhino. These are a bit smaller and almost as pink as their Kenyan cousins.

Down the freeway to Livermore to pick up the cows and drive them to a new corral. I should have taken a picture of the herd. Every one of them was laying on its side. There must have been a frenzy of cow tipping during the party. Or maybe they all got drunk and passed out. It's hard to tell what goes on when we aren't watching. Got them all up and straightened some bent rods so everyone would stand tall for their next event.

On the way home, we picked up the frogs. The sprinklers had obviously been on not too long before our arrival, so they were all wet - quite lifelike. And now they're nice and clean. This is why I don't encourage people to turn off their sprinklers when they know we're comimg - it's a free animal wash.

I had DBFA get me up at 10:00am (about 2 hours earlier than I fantisize I could have slept) because I was going to do a signage installation in Santa Cruz. we were scheduled to meet the Awning Lady at 12:30 at her shop. The call came in just after 10:00 asking if I had enough material to cut a second set of letters, so we could do both sides of the awning. Nope, but material can be had Monday morning and I can be ready to install both sides by Monday afternoon. This will actually work out well for us, because we have a job in Capitola tonight (all of this - Santa Cruz and Capitola - is 60+ miles away). So Monday afternoon I'll head down to do the installation, hang out for awhile, pick up the Capitola order and head home. It's not so great for the Awning Lady though because she and her crew have to work around this enormous awning, already installed on its frame, all day tomorrow.


Thumper said...

Heh...when we lived in Ohio we had an ongoing flamingo thing with several of our neighbors. They never knew when they were going to have 6 of the things staring into their bedrooms, or just all over their lawns :)

Seeing this makes me miss all those people!

Here via Michele's :)

lisa said...

Oh my indeed! I want those cows at my house. But I'll have to wait 7 years I suppose. That's fine.

Michele sent me today.