Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Don't Build Your Awnings from Hemp if You Love Me

The Flamingess has a sideline doing some work for her VBF (very best friend), the Awning Lady. Monday afternoon, DBFA and I packed up the necessary equipment and headed to the awning shop in Santa Cruz to install signage on a hemp awning. I guess the customer figured they should have a hemp awning since they're a hemp store - picky, picky. Because the hemp fabric is stretchy, it was decided to add the signage after the fabric was installed on the frame. The lettering was created from a material called ThermoFlex, which is a heat transfer (iron-on) product. It requires a hot iron and firm pressure to apply - easy to do if you can put the fabric on a hard surface. Not so easy when the fabric is laced onto a frame. But we are very creative people. DBFA crawled inside the awning and held a board against the back side of the fabric and I pushed with the iron as hard as I could from the outside. Three hours, a lot of sweat and an amazingly small amount of swearing later we had this on 2 sides and the address on the front. I sure hope it sticks.

After our afternoon of creative sign installation, we had an easy night of flocking. We were able to pick up the cows in Capitola after dinner with the Awning Lady and her husband and before coming back to our own side of the hill. Then a good nap before the start of our rounds. First stop was to deliver this flock in Pleasant Hill. The only thing left to do ws to pick up the "Thank You" in Pittsburg. That yard had been hit hard - 5 items stolen. I left a note asking the resident to keep an eye out in the neighborhood for any of the missing items. Then as we pulled away I spotted a red object in the gutter about half a block away. Sure enough, there was one of the missing hearts. The next day I got a call, one more heart had been retrieved from one of the neighbor's front yard. There's hope, maybe the thieves will get careless and display the rest of the booty where it can be snatched back.

Last night (this morning) was another easy run. DBFA and I both pretty much crashed after dinner, I slept through The Closer, one of the only TV shows I actually look forward to seeing. But I'm not really about to whine about getting 4 hours sleep, there will be reruns. Grandpa had his birthday commemorated with this lovely flock of Buteo plasticus. Then a trip back to Pleasant Hill to gather the flamingos (and they were all there - Hurray!). In bed by 4:00am and I didn't get up until 10:30am.

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Pearl said...

Let's see if I can say this. Third time the charm with blogger?

Good innovation for the iron on.

A hemp store. We have a teeny one in Ottawa. It's catching on slowly. Lovely material for clothes.

Oh I see you're where I saw Granny Gets Vibrator! Interesting lady.