Saturday, July 08, 2006

Back in Friendly Territory

Last night's jobs went off just like they're supposed to.

After a little wandering around to find the right unit, we tucked this flock of flamingos into the entryway by the brirthday girl's door. Not a lot of space but the hedges are nice and dense - perfect for "floating" the birds on top. As a further indication that the flocking spirits were back on our side, she had a motion sensor light and no windows at the front of the place. We could even see what we were doing.

And on the other side of the Bay, an anniversary needed to be celebrated. The sender was concerned that there might not be enough room for these cool birds. Also that we might encounter the not-so-newlyweds still up. It was 3:15am and apparently everyone was tucked away in bed, except for the neighborhood watch bird. Directly across the street from this yard stands a magnolia tree. In the magnolia tree is a bird with the most extensive vocabulary I have had the privilege to hear. In a voice that could be heard for blocks around, this bird sang, and sang, and sang - never a repeat. It was the same when we came back to pick up at 4:00 this morning. If he sings like this all the time, I can see why the residents sleep with their windows closed. Or was he just warning us (or the penguins) to get out of his territory. That seems like such a summer experience - bird song in the middle of the night.

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