Sunday, July 09, 2006


If it wasn't for the occasional need to wade through weeds and brush, I would be wearing shorts on our early morning forays into the wilds. We wouldn't need flashlight or streetlight to illuminate our work, the glare off my oh-so-white legs would do the job nicely. The temps are in the 70's and it's perfect flocking weather. The past couple of nights we've been heading west as the almost-full moon sets and we've watched it sink behind the coastal hills as we cross one or another of the bridges.

There were two perfect lawns this morning. What is a perfect lawn, you may ask? What? You didn't ask? I'm telling you anyway. A perfect lawn is flat or gently sloping, smooth, with a sandy soil base so the flamingos plant easily, but not so soft that they sink or fall over, and they pull out clean when we pick up, like the toothpick when the brownies are done. Some lawns are so over watered they are boggy and the birds pull out with clumps of mud - this is more common in winter but even in summer we will find them. Other lawns seem to be little more than sod rolled out over brick. We poke around with the flamingo rod looking for the spots that we can penetrate or twist the bird back and forth to sort of drill past the hard layer.

Then there are that yards that don't really have lawns. They are more like packed dirt and nothing short of a jackhammer or drill is going to penetrate this surface. The trick to working on these is to find the weeds, and yes, there are always weeds. Stick the flamingo leg directly into the weed because it has done the work for us. Weeds are stronger than dirt (and all along you thought it was Ajax).

I'll have to post the pictures later - Blogger is refusing to cooperate.


margalit said...

I'd love to see you do MY lawn. We have a 1/2 acre of sweeping hill leading up to the house, and it's typical New England packed soil with extra added value rocks!

You guys always crack me up.

Here from Michele

kenju said...

My yard is more of the jackhammer variety...LOL...and there are plenty of weeds in my natural area. Should you get the idea to come east, I'm ready for you!!

Michele sent me.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Here from Michele tonight! YOU DO GOOD WORKS! Love all those Flingo's everywhere!