Sunday, June 18, 2006

Too Much Action

Only one order going out this morning, way south in San Jose. We woke at 1am and after the usual wandering around, bumping into walls, waking up routine, we were off. Finding the address was a bit of a challenge, since the street has an undocumented cul-de-sac and the house is tucked around the corner. We parked and walked the neighborhood to locate it. Once the target was located, light shone from the windows, and voices were easily heard from the open front door. In the interests of secrecy, we parked where we could see but not be seen to await our opportunity. Soon, someone emerged, closed the door and drove off. Taking this as a good sign, we moved in closer. As soon as we were in our new place of surveillance, a car drove up and a young man went in the house. I figured we'd been made. Sure enough, moments later two guys come out of the house and approach the flamingomobile. They want to know what we're doing lurking in the street. Since it's obvious that neither one of them is turning 50, we confessed we were there to deliver a flock. Turns out Dad isn't even home (he's in LA) and won't be home until the afternoon. We are given the all clear to perform our task and the young guys return to their revels.

This all took awhile longer than we usually spend on a delivery, so by the time we'd made the trek to make the two pick ups, buy gas and get home it was getting light. Still too wired to sleep, we poured a glass of wine and sat down to try to finish the Saturday New York Times crossword puzzle. By 6am, it was time for bed.

Our house guest,ZsaZsu, has just departed with her "Mom". Slick has reclaimed his home and is now insisting on sitting on my lap, the lap that already contains this laptop computer, Something's gotta give and since he's been in self-imposed exile for a week, the something is going to be me. Time to renew my load of cat dander and fur.


Pearl said...

Hi Michele sent me.

What a delightful business. And to do it for a decade, wow!

Laptops are no competition for a person that would be catted. :-)

Carmi said...

I miss having my cat in my lap. He used to freak me out while I typed on my laptop. Since we put him down, I kinda miss the interruptions.

Your work sounds amazing...a nice change from the office crap that most of us put up with.

Uisce said...

Tough having to share lapspace between bets and computers!

jennypenny said...

Totally random and cool business you have. You must have seen some crazy stuff. Should've left dad a note too that the boys were up and partying at such a late hour. Lol. I am evil that way.

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