Saturday, June 17, 2006

I Know It's Around Here Somewhere

Finally, it's t-shirt weather. We covered enough territory this morning to be in several different climate zones and the coolest spot we hit was still in the mid-60's. With the surging of my personal climate, I haven't been bundling up much lately anyway, and now it's warm enough that DBFA doesn't need to use the heater. Of course the new flamingomobile has separate climate controls for driver and passenger but it still hasn't been engineered so that one side can have the heat on and the other side can have the A/C blasting. The auto industry needs to have a couple more menopausal women on their design teams so they''ll consider these things.

The delivery run started out a little rocky. I programmed in the first address and didn't notice that the house number wasn't in range, so when we arrived on the target street, the top number as 2499 and the number we were looking for was 2904. This is why I always try to have a night time phone number. I called and roused the sender, who grabbed a map and discovered the same problem - the addresses don't go that high. With a little investigation and interpolation, it was finally decided that dislexia was at work and to try 2409. With a description of the house, including a couple of hopefully unique features like the address on a stained glass window above the door, DBFA and I decided we had the destination identified.

 Have you noticed that when a job starts out wrong, it just stays that way? This job wasn't going wrong, exactly, but it was challenging. So of course once we finally found the right (hopefully) house, it had no yard(!) We tucked flamingos and dinosaurs into what spots we could and can only hope it looks good in daylight. A layout like this does not make for a good picture.

 The second delivery went fine. We'd been to this house before, so finding it was a snap and it has a good yard for display planting. In keeping with the theme of the evening, I couldn't get a good picture of the whole set up. That's probably a good thing though - the sender signed the greeting with the name he's called by his granddaughter. Since I know this man in his professional capacity, he swore me to secrecy. It's cute, but not something he'd like to called in the office.

The pick up part of the morning rounds were smooth and completely countered my expectations. Especially the display I was most worried about in yesterday's post. Everything was still in place, no damage, no theft, no problem. Thank you. I am amazed and delighted. Posted by Picasa

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Pearl said...

No yard is a bit of a glitch but it seems you managed to get past that hitch and the address confusion with flying (pink) colors. :-)