Friday, June 16, 2006

Graduation Season

Looks like everyone is graduating today.I know other schools held graduation on other dates, but none of those parents remembered to commemorate the occasion with a tasteful lawn full of critters. However, three lucky grads woke to find the day appropriately celebrated.

This display is on a very busy street. The danger here is that some of the passers may help themselves to one of the cute critters. The smiley faces have been so relentlessly "adopted" that we only have 16 left. Someday DBFA & I will get around to creating more - as soon as we figure out where to stick them while the paint is drying. And these frogs are the last of their kind. Everytime they go out, I fret that they won't all come home. Somehow I don't think the Alameda police would consider frog-napping a high prority crime, but we may find out.

Here's a combination - graduating on her birthday. Does this mean she gets double presents? At least it's not as bad as having a birthday on Christmas.

And we finished the night with a serious case of identity confusion.

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Pearl said...

Love the penguins.

Savage Chicken rocks!