Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Potentially Chicken

A common comment on my report cards growing up was "...not working up to her potential."

I certainly wasn't living up to my potential as a smart-ass in those days. If I'd come up with this response, it's a good bet I wouldn't have made it to adulthood.

Check out Savage Chickens daily for a new sticky note cartoon. I love this blog!


kenju said...

Every teacher I ever had said that about me - and also that I talked too much. Still do!

I love the cartoons too.

Bill P said...

Dear Flamingess (?!?!)---a female flamingo? Although if as I suspect flamingo is of Spanish origin would there not be a feminine noun form such as flaminga???Yes! but I was (as you can see from my prior comment) a know it all, nerdy smart ass. My defense from the rigors of adolesence was to learn and know more than anyone and I'm still like that. And humor as contained in the Chicken cartoons among others has gotten me through and kept me alive and kicking. Thank you Savage Chicken!!!

Sandy said...

LOL! I love it.

Michele sent me over for the chuckle.