Thursday, June 22, 2006

Screwed That Up

I hate it when this happens! Got a call from a new customer yesterday. She is out of town and wanted to surprise her husband for his birthday today. I wrote out the order, confirmed everything and when it came time, we headed off and made the set up. Just a few minutes ago she called. Somewhere between writing the order and pulling the letters for the message, my brain short circuited! Instead of wishing Troy (as it says very clearly on the order) a happy birthday, I put Tony on the sign. There aren't any circumstances where this would be a good thing, but in this case Tony is apparently the old boyfriend's name. So not only did I screw up the birthday greeting, but the mistake stirred up trouble for the innocent and very well intended sender. I feel awful! I'll drive out there and change the sign so it will be right when he gets home from work. It's no cure, but at least its something.

Added 2 hours later
I drove out to fix the message. By the time we're done we will have 3 round trips, 138 miles total, in this order. Screw-ups are not only disappointing to the sender and embarrassing to the Flamingess, they are expensive. I really ought to stop making them.


kenju said...

Sometimes it happens to the best of us. Take your lumps and move on.

Joe Mingo said...

rotflol! I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh but it's so refreshing to see that I'm not the only one. Even though I've never messed up the name on the actual message board (yet) I did mess up two names on the card I leave on the door. I'm sure the recipient is still trying to figure out who sent her a yard full of birds. lol