Saturday, June 24, 2006

Moooving On

The going away party wasn't until this afternoon so this display didn't need to be delivered before dawn. We headed out at the usual time because we prefer the traffic at 2am to the traffic at 10am, even on a Saturday. It was a beautiful night for a drive - pleasantly warm and lots of stars - perfect cattle driving weather.


Tracie said...

I think it is possible that cows are even better than flamingos!

Michele says hi!

Miss Cow is a Cow said...

Oh My God. PLEASE do not let my best friend find this site. ohhhhh she will SOOO order cows for my lawn.


What an awesome business!

Here from Michele's.

srp said...

Here from Michele.
So you are the culprit.
You had quite a trip to Virginia Beach for this one. There are toooooo cute, although I can't imagine someone moving to Texas. (been there, done that already)

Granny J said...

I first heard about flamingoing from my Australian sister-in-law, some years ago. I hadn't realized that it had spread to the USA when I started my blog post last night. Fortunately, I decided to Google "flamingo" & was saved from making a fool of myself!

How long has this been going on in the US? How long have you been in the business? sounds like fun!