Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Fog Creeps in on Little Buzzard Feet*

*Apologies to Carl Sandburg.

We headed out to the coast this morning for a delivery in Moss Beach. Stella wanted us to take the Bay Bridge and go through Pacifica. Good thing I remembered that Highway 1 is closed at Devil's Slide. We would have been forced to turn around just about 3 miles from our destination. We hit fog at Skyline Drive. No surprise. I think it's permanenetly foggy on Skyline Drive. Fortunately it was a light fog, all the way out to the coast.
Wound our way into Moss Beach and found the destination, a very dark destination. With the help of the flashlight, we found a little available ground and planted this sweet message from the birthday girl's baby brother. You can see the fog droplets, looking like Tinkerbell and her gang hovering around the sign.


Vickie said...

WHat a great concept for a blog! Thanks for sharing.

Michelle sent me!

srp said...

Here from Michele.
This is such a great idea.
When my brother was performing in Phantom of the Opera he turned 30. I sent 30 white carnations tipped in black with the grim reaper balloon that read "I'm just here for the cake". These went to the theater. The rest of his presents I put in a black coffin shaped box and sent it to another cast member to put out on the table at his little cast party. Finally, I sent stickers that said "Look who's 30!". They were passed out among the cast and everyone wore them somewhere on their person during the performance. He had to do Piangi that night and when he danced with Carlotta in the Masquerade scene she flipped up her scarf (while back to audience) and the low square cut neckline revealed the sticker on her more than ample boosom. This is true. How he kept singing with a straight face, I'll never know!

Dawn Falcone said...

This idea rocks! I live in NYC so no one has lawns, but if we did, this would be a hit!!

Thanks for stopping by my site earlier today!

Pearl said...

Fog almost cut you off at the pass. Glad the sign could go thru.