Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Of Mountain Goats and Marauding Cows

I've commented on the geography of Mill Valley before. This community has some of the most impossible terrain that the Flamingess has had the pleasure of navigating. Remember, we do this work in the dark and hopefully we do it silently. When we have to hang on the side of the hill to keep from falling off, it becomes pretty close to impossible. Having encountered these conditions more than once, we now qualify any order for Mill Valley "Is the house on a hill or on the flats?" I was assured this house was in the flat section. What I didn't think to ask was "Is the yard flat or a mountain?" (Note to self - add this question to all Mill Valley orders) Not only is the property almost vertical, there isn't a yard. The flock is perched in the bushes and the sign is balanced on the curb. But Sebastian only turns 2 once and Gran-ma wants to be sure everyone knows. Gotta love that.

On the other side of the Bay, we delivered a farewell greeting. I love the story behind this display. When this family moved into the house, they woke the first morning to find some cows had staged an escape and were eating their newly installed landscaping. Seems only fitting that on their last day in the house, cows visit the landscaping again. At least this time they won't eat anything.


Tia said...

Hi, and thanks for visiting me yesterday!

I love the cows!!!!! Somehow, my mom got it in her head that my husband loves cows (we honestly can't remember why that is, but he is from Wisconsin so maybe that is reason enough). So, for all eternity now, they have this silly exchange where they try to top each other with the goofiest cow gifts just any random time... We've considered doing the cow herd in her lawn one of these days! They're hilarious!

kenju said...

You deserve hazardous duty pay!

Serendipity said...

Loved that cows!