Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sea of Cows

We tested the new sign rack this morning and it's almost perfect. One minor modification to change the angle, which will also increase our cargo capacity. And considering this morning's load, any increase in capacity will be welcome.

The first stop was to put out a flock of flamingos, which had to be loaded in on top of the signs because the back of the van was stuffed to the roof with cows and roosters.

One of my regular customers called late yesterday hoping she wasn't too late. She celebrates her husband's birthday every year with something "farm" in front of their lovely and distinctly un-farmlike home. She thought of it about 10 days ago and promptly forgot again until about 15 minutes before we closed the office for the weekend. He's 65, so she wanted 65 cows. Since I only have 60 cows ready to roll, we decided to fill in with roosters. Let me tell ya - 60 cows, 5 roosters and 50 flamingos makes for a very full van. It took two of us reaching through the gap as the tailgate lifted to keep the herd from starting a noisy stampede right there on the street. With the ring leaders of the escape successfully subdued, we were able to get the herd peacefully distributed.

The final stop was to gather the penquins from the previous day. 30 were delivered, and 29 were retrieved. I now no longer have any spares. Grrrr! With graduation season fast approaching, and penguins being a favorite graduation display, I predict I will be short on birds by June 14th.

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