Thursday, May 04, 2006

Great Circle Route

Whoo hoo!! Five stops tonight. Four out and one in.
First we set up smiles and flags to wish Carrie happy birthday in Moraga.

Then a stop in Brentwood to pick up the previous night's flock. Getting out of Brentwood turned out to be a challenge. The main route to Highway 4 was closed. No warning and no detour signs. If we hadn't had Stella (the GPS navigator) to help us out, we might still be wandering the back roads.

Once we finally worked our way around the mystery road block, we took the Delta roads out by Rio Vista and then East to deliver a cool penguin birthday in Stockton.

Next, down Highway 5, over 205 and into Tracy to plant the flamingos retrieved from Brentwood.

Our final stop in the drive-a-thon is Sunnyvale.

We made it home before daylight, but not much before. Final mileage for the night: 225.

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