Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Livermore and Brentwood

We lucked out again going to retrieve the hearts and bears in Pacifica. Still no fog! The reports indicate that this was going to be the last clear night. We had to do the pick up first so we would have all the hearts to celebrate this silver anniversary. Stopped back at the warehouse to off load the bears and add the rest of the hearts.

After planting the hearts in Livermore, we headed up Vasco Rd to deliver a flock of birthday flamingos. 3:00AM on a dark road with nowhere to pass always seems to mean we end up following a sleepy or impaired motorist weaving along below the speed limit. I wonder if we could put a light bar on the Flamingomobile's roof (pink lights of course) and bluff the obstacle out of our way.

One last stop to bring in the cows, and we're home just before 5:30AM. Sleeeep, I need sleeeep. There is no way I'm hauling my behind out of bed to make a meeting at 11:30 this morning. I'll be lucky to make it to my haircut appointment at 4:00PM. And tomorrow we are looking at over 225 miles and 5 stops. Business is good.

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