Friday, May 05, 2006


Happy Cinco de Mayo! With the help of a drunk driver, we made an unexpected delivery. This is probably not going to be one of our more popular display items, but it certainly made an impression with this resident.

Just about 1:30 am, we were starting the rounds. First to deliver a flock of flamingos to a nearby home, and then to make the great circle again to gather the far flung critters from the previous morning's adventures. About 6 blocks from home, and an equal distance from our first destination - out of nowhere - WHAM! WTF!?! One moment we are leaving a stop sign with absolutely no other vehicles in sight and the next moment we are coming to an abrupt stop in a strange yard. Good thing the rear wheels didn't make the jump over the retaining wall or we would have delivered this surprise directly into the living room.

At one point we were being kept company by 4 police cars, 1 fire truck, 1 paramedic van, the 2 startled residents of the home and several neighbors. Except for the circumstances, it was actually a pleasant visit.

The driver of the other car kept right on going, but was kind enough to leave his license plate behind in the street. Turns out we didn't need it. An Oakland police officer had been pursuing the speeding car, and apprehended the driver several blocks away. If one must get whacked by a drunk driver, it's very nice to have a police officer as a witness - nice for us anyway. I doubt if the drunk was any too happy about it.

We managed to make the birthday delivery using the smaller delivery vehicle, but everyone else got to keep their surprises for an extra day.

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