Thursday, April 20, 2006

Miassis Dragon (with apologies to Trevanian)

It's 1:30 in the afternoon and I want to sleep. I really really really need to nap. But can I? Obviously not, and it's irritating me no end. The desperate need to snooze is a direct result of a very busy night coupled with an early morning meeting. I shouldn't be whining about this, because the busy night and the early meeting are both good for business, but I'm tired and therefore cranky. Also, it's my blog and I can whine if I want to... (Now I have an ancient Leslie Gore song stuck in my head, another thing to whine about!)

And why was the night so busy, you ask? This was the first of three deliveries and a pick up that kept us on the go from 1:00 am to almost 5:00 am. Immediately upon getting home I dove into bed, rushed through a little better than an hour's sleep before the alarm dragged me back from the party (very busy dreams), ran my critical (smelly) parts through the shower, put on "business" clothes and made it to the Chamber of Commerce Breakfast meeting by 7:15.

There was a very large dog monitoring our work on this one. We couldn't see it in the dark, but if the dog matches the bark it must be a 250 pounder. We received only a little bit of coaching from the canine and then it settled down into silent vigilance.

Once again, the amateur vandals in San Ramon hit one of our displays. When we arrived to gather Wednesday's flock it looked like it had been hit with a bird flu epidemic. Most of poor critters were uprooted and tossed around the yard like pink confetti. A few had been encouraged to follow the vandals home. I have the birthday girl watching for any sign of them so they can be rescued from their abductors. Grrrr!

And last, but certainly not least of the morning's surprises a hot pink welcome for a new business owner, Shannon Pedder who has launched her own operation, BrandCreative, anything and everything you can put a logo on.

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