Friday, April 21, 2006

Better Now

The whine storm has passed. I'm well slept although DBFA is still groggy. He's trying to read himself to sleep and every time he nods off he drops his book and wakes himself up. He'll do better when he switches to TV.

One order out this morning for a woman recovering from a heart attack. She called just after opening to try to find out who was responsible. We, of course, won't tell. She'll just have to keep calling friends and family and hope for a confession. She says the display made her day and she loves the whole idea. We love to hear that.

During the pick up rounds this morning, we met the dog attached to the 250 pound bark. Big old friendly creature with a wag and a lick as big as his bark.

Had lunch today with my bestest friend. She was in town to meet a potential client. Even though she lives only 60 miles away, between her business, Kevin's Awnings, and my night time adventures, we hardly ever see each other. Good thing we use conversational shorthand developed over the past 30+ years (much to the consternation of our spousal units), so we can cram a lot of catching up in a short lunch. It was good to see you Sydnie!

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