Sunday, April 23, 2006

There's a Whole Lotta Flockin' Going On

Flamingos, flamingos and more flamingos. As you may have intuited from browsing pictures on this blog, flamingos are my most popular display. And rightly so! I think they rank right up there with the Bald Eagle as the American national bird. There are certainly more of them.

My flocks have been busy


Uisce said...

Birds, birds, everywhere!! Isn't that some kind of movie? :)

The Flamingess said...

Hitchcock originally used flamingos, but when he got to the scene with Tippi in the phone booth, the flamingos set up a conga line and danced around her. I guess he didn't find that scary enough so he reshot the movie using crows and seagulls.

PresentStorm said...

I love it ... We did this to my sister-in-laws yard last year for her 40th birthday... It was great fun sneakin over there at 2 am to do it