Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dried Flamingess

AHHHHH!! My eyes!! What is that light? That weird, warm, bright stuff coming from a blue sky? Are skies supposed to be blue? I forget. And last night, there were little white lights in the sky and a great big object shaped like a lemon wedge. What is all that? Could it be that the weather has actually changed? Puddles are drying up. The frogs have finished their marathon love-fest and are now silent. Shorts and t-shirts are the uniform of the day. I may just have to go out and sit in the middle of the parking lot and bask in the sun like a lizard (hope my dermatologist isn't reading this).

And at 2am, clear skies, temps in the 50's. The birds will be so happy. Almost as happy as I am.

Sing along: It's not raining, it's not raining.

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