Saturday, April 15, 2006


We had one of those heart stopping moments when we pulled up to gather the flock this morning. The lawn was empty, not a single bird to been seen, no sign, nada, nothing. But wait! Across the street is the sign, planted at the edge of a neighbor's yard with the letters artfully rearranged to display a poorly spelled but imaginatively rude message. And 2 of the wayward flamingos posed just so. This has teenagers written all over it. There was nothing to be done about it at 3am, so we headed home to sleep. The plan for more public hours was to call the recipient and ask when the last time the flock had been spotted, then call the police and report the theft. We don't do this when one or two critters follow someone home (although I wish I could), but this loss was going to cost me several hundred dollars.

The phone rang at about 10:30am and the message being left announced that many (hopefully all) of the birds were discovered tossed into the ivy and yards up and down the block. They have been recovered and secured in the back yard. I guess the local TPers didn't like the competition.

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