Monday, March 20, 2006

Let's Get Caught Up

It has been a busy few days. As I was whining about the other day, we've been all work and no play - well, not quite since work is more like play than not - but that's beside the point. Sunday afternoon we actually left the nest on a strictly recreational quest. Ended up at the Chabot Space Museum. We watched a movie (SolarMax) in the mega-dome theater, the next best thing to a roller coaster, played with all the interactive exhibits, and admired the magnificent old telescopes. Couple that with the breathtaking views of the entire San Francisco Bay from Skyline Drive and it felt like we had been on a mini-vacation (simple minds are happy with simple pleasures).

This is where we had been earlier Sunday morning. When we arrived, the light was on in that window, but the blinds were closed tight so we decided to proceed with the flamingo attack. The first trip into the yard, we discover it's gravel, which is nice for the lovely crunching noises we make walking around and how it facilitates planting. By the time we were on the second trip to the yard the light went out and once again I gave thanks for the invention of insulated windows.

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