Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Double Time

Just when I'm convinced we have finally made all of the mistakes there are to make in this business, we discover just one more. This morning we had one of those rare situations where we had two orders in the same general direction. Especially nice because they were both 40-some miles away. DBFA had the flamingomobile all loaded early in the day, so all we had to do when we woke up (at 1:30am) was to put on shoes and hit the road. That was great - until - I'm pulling out the sign at the first destination and discover it's all alone.

So, we made the trip back to the nest, picked up another sign and started out for flocking number 2. By the time we arrive it's 4:30am and the house is ablaze. I swear every light in the place, including the porch light was on. Must be eager to get an early start on the birthday celebration, and we are happy to help.


keda said...

this is truely bizzare! but it does look like a fun job apart from the early morning alarm bell...
i'm here via michele, and i'm still confused*
happy sneeking.

Sandy said...

I think you've found a fantastic career. What fun it must be to brign smiles to faces.

Thanks for stopping by my little blog earlier today.