Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saturday? Already?

Where did this week go? Last I looked it was only Wednesday and we were looking foreward to a night off. Now it's Saturday! Someone stole at least 2 days from me and I want them back!! There is way too much to do! 5 loads of laundry, clearing off my desk, cleaning up the corner where I work in the living room and organizing all the cards and papers instead of just making the piles nice and neat so I can ignore them for another week/month/quarter. Whine whine whine. I rank myself as one of the world's worst housekeepers and I don't even have kids to blame it on. But company is coming tonight and even though she is well acquainted with my slovely habits, it's so bad even I can't stand it. So here I sit, with my computer in my lap, the dust rag on the table and the washer chugging along nicely in the background. Any bets on how far I get with this clean up thing?

Thursday was my chiropractor's 50th birthday. She has been intrigued with what I do for sometime but until this, didn't really understand the impact. Her office got a lot of extra attention and she was tickled. To preserve my own well being, I didn't display her age.

And - we got the order to let Grandma know that her two daughters, who both live in other states, are expecting. This will be in her yard for 3 days. Getting there was very straightforward, but getting home turned into an exploration. San Francisco is doing a lot of road construction and even at 2:30 am traffic trying to maneuver through the detours is intense. We bailed out and headed for what has always been a good sneak-by alternative - Closed! OK so we gave up on the Bay Bridge and decided to take the long way home, via the San Mateo Bridge. It only took 3 tries to find an open on-ramp that would let us head south. On the up side, we had a very nice tour of downtown.

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SJ said...

Can I say that the flamingos are cute?

Nice idea i might try it soemtime...