Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Around and Down

Doesn't it just figure? A couple of days not flocking and my sleep patterns are all messed up - they're normal! This means I am awake through Jay Leno and manage to get about an hours sleep before the call of the wild flamingos summons us to work. Two birthdays must be celebrated in appropriate style.

At first glance it looked like we were in trouble here. No yard, or at least no yard with available ground. But we intrepid flamingo planters will not be deterred, helped by finding ample flamingo space around the perimeter.

Second stop was in Mill Valley. This community can be very challenging. Many of the homes are built on steep dark hillsides, real mountain goat territory, so I've learned to ask. After receiving assurances that this was a nice flat property we left the climbing ropes at home. We still had to plant the flock at the bottom of the (looong steeep) driveway.

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