Friday, February 03, 2006

Whips and Chains

It's been a slow week so my paranoia is ratcheting up. Nothing like having the phones not ring to stress the self-employed. I know the phones are working because I keep getting calls from people who want to sell me stuff. My response, once I find out their selling price, is "You hustle me up X number of sales, and then I can afford your __________." So far none of them have come through.

So in the interests of keeping things interesting for my non-existent readership, I will take this brief intermission to introduce you to Slick. He's a handsome fellow and takes full advantage of his good looks.

He does suffer from an unfortunate addiction to this multi-colored fleece "whip". Here he is relaxing after a particularly energetic bondage session.

No chains (after all,I hardly know you). I just needed a catchy title.

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d.challener roe said...

He's adorable.

Michele sent me today