Monday, January 30, 2006

Flock You Mom, the Sequel

I used this headline one day too soon, but a good one doesn't loose its charm with repetition. If you buy that, I have a couple of stories I can tell you, over and over and over. Who me? Repeat myself? Never!

A double flock (100 birds) really fills a yard.

Lots of stars showing in the sky over San Jose tonight. DBFA is back on his feet and only showing the effects of his acrobatics when dealing with stairs.

Tonight the excitment was provided by the flamingo van. I guess we were proceeding in much too leasurely a fashion to suit so the cruise control tried to liven things up a bit. DBFA had to give it a time out to make it behave. Anyone who says machines don't have minds of their own, just hasn't been paying attention.

It's almost 4am, whales are mating on TV, DBFA is asleep in his chair and my wine glass is almost empty. Guess it's time to go to bed.

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