Monday, February 06, 2006

Go Ahead, Make My Day

As usual on a work night, we were snoozing in front of the TV. The method involves DBFA falling asleep shortly after dinner and me trying to get sleepy enough to nap before we begin the night's adventures. We both awoke just about 1:00 am, and while shuffling around, getting dressed, finding shoes and jockeying for the bathroom, Actors Studio was starting. The featured interviewee was Clint Eastwood. Somehow we had missed the original showing and all of the reruns 'til now, so we decided to watch. Its only an hour, right? Not this show, Clint had 2 hours so we didn't get downstairs to load the van until almost 3:00am. We couldn't just up and go to work, I had to know what his favorite curse word is (its JAMF, in case you're wondering and how could you not wonder?)

Finally, loaded up the flock - buzzards tonight. Programmed Stella with the address and away we went.
Traffic was close to nonexistent outbound but the early morning commute traffic was starting on the way home. 4:00am and people are driving to work. Many of these same people won't get home until 7:00 or 8:00 pm. Pure craziness. Is it any wonder I dropped out of the corporate scene and took up a saner profession?

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Zephra said...

What a cool job you have!!! Way better than mine I think.

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