Friday, January 13, 2006

Taxi Lady?

So, I pull up in front of the World Trade Club in San Francisco to attend a networking event last night. A few moments later another car pulls in and the valet hustles right over to tend the new arrival. I sit there thinking "What am I, chopped liver?" I give the maroon coated car parkers another chance to realize The Flamingess is awaiting their attention and am soundly ignored. Hmmph!! Down goes the window and my indignant snort alerts one of the auto jockeys. Turns out he thought I was a taxi?!? Flamingo Surprise is writ large in hot pink letters along both sides of my vehicle - taxi indeed!! The error didn't save me a dime on the tariff - In downown SF, pick one - pay a ransom to park or walk an unconscionable distance. Being the lazy type, I choose to pay.

A wonderful event made up for the vehicular slight. Many business cards exchanged, good food and enough wine to overcome any lingering social anxiety.

After dinner, it was back home to nap before heading out for a midnight roostering.

One thing that isn't immediately on my mind upon returning from a delivery run, is heading off to bed. Even after all these years, each delivery is a bit of a thrill. So a glass of wine and a snack and the late late late Tonight Show rerun (on at 2:35 am) before climbing into my bed.

Up again at 6:00 am (bleeh!!) to do an office display. Since leaving my day job, a reasonable wake up time after a delivery night is 10:00 am. 6:00 am ? The things a girl will do to earn a buck!

A load of penguins delivered to the 7th floor of a high security building is a serious undertaking.
But fortunately the birthday was not! It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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