Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wild Turkey

It's about 12:45 am and we're finished loadng up 100 flamingos and a couple of signs for today's surprises. As I am getting ready to program the first destination into the navigator I spot something moving in front of the smaller flamingomobile, something large. Too large to be one of the neighborhood cats, much too large. But what . . . ?? Out strolls a turkey!

Now keep in mind, we are located in an industrial area. Not business park industrial; but railroad track, old warehouse industrial. Where in the hell did this bird come from?

When we got back from our vandalism rounds, Ms Turkey was perched boldly on the roof of my black Fiero. Since all my previous encounters with turkeys have been of the Butterball variety, I had never considered the size and volume of poop one turkey could emit - on the roof of my car! Impressive! Now we have to get the battery charged enough to get the car started so we can move to to within reach of a hose.

Unfortunately, I missed the action this morning whan DBFA chased Ms Turkey around the lot in an attempt to evict her. In his own words "That bitch could really run". She finally strolled out the gates on her own when he wasn't looking.


Joe Mingo said...

I'll trade you my bears for your turkey! LOL! Great pics by the way! Love reading your entertaining!!

Pearl said...

Imagine. A wild turkey on car-top. I've never had the pleasure.