Monday, January 23, 2006

Night and Day

I can hear the tune in my head but fortunately you can't hear me sing it. I couldn't carry a tune if it was in a bucket tied around my neck. But I do love to sing - loud and with great enthusiasm. Are PT Cruisers sound proof? For the sake of those who share the road with me, I hope so. And I discovered karaoke, great fun but the crowd better be really really drunk.

Anyway - back to night and day. What with flamingo planting and estate sale working it has been a busy few days. A birthday flock was delivered about 40 miles away during the normal hours of darkness Friday morning. As we wandered around the neighborhood trying to find the house number the gentleman living in the house we parked in front of popped out to investigate our suspicious activity. His reaction upon hearing that we were looking for the right yard to cover with flamingos - "Oh for god sake!" and he disappeared back in the house.

Home to decompress and catch a nap. Up again 3 hours later to make it to a Chamber of Commerce networking breakfast. Never pass up a free meal and the chance to hustle a new customer.

Then off to set up a rare daytime flocking. Only one problem - the address didn't exist. Call sender, get voice mail, leave message. Call back and leave my number. Wait. Call sender, leave message again. Being the intrepid flocker that I am (and needing to be elsewhere soon) I started knocking on doors. After dragging a few folks away from their soap operas and getting no recognition of the name (friendly neighhood I guess), I headed back to the flamingomobile to try the phone exercise again. Success this time. Another hazard of this business, the dyslexic customer. 922 was revealed to mean 929 (I'd been doing my house to house on the wrong side of the street) and the birds were successfully unloaded.

Then it was off to finish getting ready for the estate sale. We could have used another 3 days but the ads were in and the sales was starting Saturday, ready or not.

I feel a song coming on. Better get down to my car before it escapes and frightens the wildlife. It's a full life.

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