Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 - Happy Flocking New Year

OK - so I haven't posted in awhile. Four months is awhile. Actually, it's quite awhile. I've thought about posting, not often but once in awhile. I wonder how many time i can use awhile in one post? Too many, I bet.

I just haven't had anything interesting to say and not enough ambition to post boring. It's harder to write boring than interesting, at least for me. Not that this post is going to end up interesting, but the start of the new year seems to require at least some effort on my part to show up and if I can't be interesting, I'll be boring.

Business of late has been terrible. I've been reaping the rewards of my 2007 marketing campaign. If any of you ever doubt that marketing efforts are directly reflected in the amount of business you get - don't! I stopped going to most of the networking events available to me, and dropped my Fall Home & Garden Show. As a result, I've had way too many nights off in the past three months. We did finish off the year with a herd of cows. They headed out on Friday and didn't come home until Sunday morning. Everyone else stayed home.

So - tomorrow morning at 7:00 am I will be acting as a substitute at a BNI meeting. At 11:30 am you will find me at the East Bay Women's Network monthly meeting. Time to get my hustle on because the alternative is looking for a (gasp) job and I really, really don't want to do that. Gotta get those flamingos working again.

None of this stopped us from spending a lovely week in Kona, HI in December. A whole week of shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops. The thermal shock of returning home was stunning. As wonderful as it was though, the viral generosity of our fellow travellers lingers. My cough has diminished enough to allow me to be in public without people recoiling. DBFA still sounds like a refugee from the TB ward. Next December, we'll stay close to home and have a real holiday - Christmas tree, friends over to share some cheer, all the trimmings. It's been years and I realize, I miss it. This time next year I may swear "never again!" but right now it seems like a good idea.

Anyway - Happy New Year to all. May 2008 be happy, healthy and prosperous.

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